Dear Atheist, Why Are You So Angry?

My kids drive me nuts. Just like every parent out there. The constant correcting and educating can be draining. On top of that you have to clean up after them, support them, care for them, and discipline them. But they learn. Everyday we get so excited seeing them grow. There is nothing more awesome than hearing your 2 year old say a new word or your 5 year old read a simple story. Its rewarding, heavily rewarding and there is nothing better in my opinion.

Now on that same thought picture this. No talking back for a moment just hush up and read. Put yourself in my shoes. Logically atheists are right and beyond that we are often attacked by Christians. Then we try to talk with them, educate them, understand them, support them and what do we get? Belligerence. Most of the time the people we are debating is family or people we greatly care about. We discipline over and over with no change. This is frustrating.

I understand the flip side to this. It is the same for you as well. Well almost the same. Except you think that no matter what in the end God will forgive me and we’ll all be happy forever and I’m stuck watching you waste your only life.



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