Family Man

3 kids, a lovely wife, 2 cars, a home and a dog. Living the american dream… or so I thought. Until I accidentally found America’s hidden form of slavery. Religion. More specifically Christianity.

The CHRISTians are like “oh my god here we go again” and “he can’t be serious”. Read on please. I minded my business for years. I hid my preferences. I wasn’t living in fear just acceptance. I accepted that it didn’t really matter what I believed. I even kicked around the idea of going to church for social gain. I bent my head in prayer every Thanksgiving and politely declined church offers from coworkers and friends.

It doesn’t seem so bad… until…

Until one day while browsing Facebook I liked a picture regarding atheism and unknowingly it was there for all my family and friends to see. The comments of belligerent hate and instant horrific ridicule that followed truly hurt. I was regarded as a fool for my opinion. Poor me. Poor little Adam.

That moment has since been reproduced many times and is my exhibit A in America’s hidden slavery. 95% of Americans are still slaves of an ancient myth meant to keep people in check. America keeps voting out logical amendments and plans because they are slaves to Christianity, they are nasty to the people they love most because of Christianity and worst of all they keep the cycle going.


One thought on “Family Man

  1. Adam (Family Man),
    Somehow came across your new blog…. Just felt like sayin’ you’re welcome to visit my blog anytime. I’m sure that we have much in common although we believe differently.

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