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New Dreams of an Old Earth

Abdel Aziz Mohamed Albaz is staring down the death penalty in Kuwait. His crime? Not believing in god, and being vocal about it. Albaz was arrested on charges of blasphemy, and he now faces dire consequences for his non-belief. A protest was scheduled for today at the Kuwaiti embassy in NYC (I have as of yet not heard any updates regarding this effort), and his hearing has been scheduled for February 28.

In situations like this, it is easy to feel helpless to someone so far away. But for Albaz, you can do something. A petition to the government of Kuwait has been released online, and you can and should sign it.

The petition reads:

Whether you are an Atheist or a Muslim or a Christian, nobody deserves to be jailed or punished for having atheistic views. He did not hurt anybody. He did not steal, he did not assault…

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