Non Believing and the Workplace


“How do you know that is wrong?” A coworker asks. The conversation pertaining pedophilia. “Excuse me.” I retort stunned that he would assume I would not know that pedophilia is wrong since I am atheist. I am constantly defending my morals and humanity to the religious at work. This kind of blind stupidity is what I try to raise awareness about constantly. I can surely guess that I am not alone. I know that there are more godless out there experiencing this same kind of badger. I’m also sure that their patience runs thin as does mine. How many times can I politely reason with people without yelling? How many times can I be spoken down to without a short response? I always advocate logic and reason. Stay calm and use reason is my motto. Especially since being a belligerent dick won’t do anything to help my cause. One can only drink so much. Any tips or pointers from my fellow atheists would be appreciated. Christians can give advice too just don’t offer to pray for me.


6 thoughts on “Non Believing and the Workplace

  1. So, calling someone else’s opinion or question “blind stupidity” is what you call “stay calm and use reason”? Rather than play semantics or give surface answers, why not deal with the root question being asked. If it is not God, what is the moral grounding for your ethics?

    • Thank you for your response. And yes I used harsh words and displayed selfishness in this post. I was upset and just needed to vent. As you and I both know we can argue morality with or without god till the point of exhaustion. I will happily do so. I enjou those conversations. The points I was trying to make was 1. Is it appropriate at work? Religion is discussed all the time but atheism is often taboo. 2. When do you draw the line on the criticism? It is constant.

  2. Why is it that morality can’t exist independent from religion when religion can have an absence of morality? Why does the catholic church hide and protect pedophiles? Don’t think it does? More than happy to link proof if you wish.

    Not an atheist but I have an understanding that they are two different schools of thought. Each could learn from the other. Why waste time bickering over the existence of something that neither side can prove does or doesn’t. Fact of the matter is atheists tend to just want to enjoy their time here and generally be good people without the guilt trip that so many religions place on the shoulders of their devoted followers. Meanwhile the religious rely on faith to give them strength to endure life’s struggles.

    What it comes down to is respect. Why mock or criticize another’s belief or faith? How many lives have been wasted and/or ruined over religious dispute? Do you. It’s simple. I find it humorous when someone of faith tries to engage an atheist in religious debate. It’s a losing battle. 2 simple words “Prove It”. The person of faith has nothing to fall back on other than a story book of fairy tales that’s been written per approval of a mortal man whose intentions were to keep the peasants in line.

    If you are a person of faith then I strongly suggest not challenging an atheist. You won’t win. Much like they won’t convince you there is no God. So why waste your breath. Why not learn and take the best from each other.

  3. “50 reasons people give for believing in a god” – Guy P. Harrison
    The Thinking Atheist on

    Both advocate being nice. I’ve learned a lot – but I’m a firebrand and have a temper. I lashed out when I first came out. I still get enraged but I’ve learned to temper it. I have a lot of “facepalm” moments. 🙂

    Oh, and Matt Dillahunty and Atheist Community of Austin –

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