Me the Anti-Theist


My enlightenment unto atheism began 18 years ago. I was twelve and the eldest out of my siblings. My parents were extremely religious. The church they attended gathered Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings and evenings. Monday nights they had a service for the men only which I had always considered weird but I was to only speak if spoken to. It was at this age I began to ask questions. Questions that eventually made me full bore atheist around the age of 14.

This was a strange period. Part of you thinks you’re going to get struck by lightning or that something horrible will happen to your family. Nothing ever did thank god (I can say that since socially I’ve been Christian) but nevertheless I was very watchful for a year or so.

My progression into atheism has been in stages. At first it was my secret. I felt like I was the only one that thought this way and I was comfortable discovering the thought process on my own. This was before internet so I was basically alone. In highschool I met someone else like me. I became a little bit more vocal but nothing militant. I told my parents who still think I’m fucking with them. I told my friends. Most had questions and there was no hateful remarks, no belittlement and no judgement.

As I’ve grown older the Christian stance against atheism has become hurtful. With the introduction of Facebook my feed was and still is full of religious propaganda. But god forbid (see I did it again) that I post one thing about evolution without defending an onslaught of Christian attacks.

These attacks have driven me to research religion, the history, its influences and its current impact. I’ve come to realize that it should be classified as slavery. It keeps your mind trapped in medieval opinions and superstitions. Indoctrination is a form of child abuse. It hurts these kids forever! I cant find one good thing that religion does that we couldn’t do without religion.

Slowly my stance evolved from closet atheist to anti-theist. Now I’m like a malfunctioning Jehovah’s Witness spewing antireligious antics at whoever will hold a conversation with me. I feel passionate about my involvement in tainting religion’s name. No longer do I believe in nothing, I now believe that religion can be and will be removed from society. It has to be. Religion is the slow kid in the class keeping everyone else from moving to the next chapter.

At the end of the day I focus on keeping my kids safe from indoctrination and staring religion in the eyes.



2 thoughts on “Me the Anti-Theist

  1. It’s so encouraging to hear that other people have been through the same sort of thing I’m going through. Thanks so much for sharing.

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