Facebook at its Finest



Oh the ignorance!! I personally loved the chant at the end. It is sad to say the 74% of the USA is Christian. Hatred like this is fuel by the excuse of a deity. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section and feel free to share. 




2 thoughts on “Facebook at its Finest

  1. Truthfully, I don’t want homosexuality shoved down my throat either. 😳 But if someone else does, I’m fine with their choice. I say “choice” as a conversational shortcut. Which I negated by explaining it…FML. USA!USA!USA!

  2. Being gay and being a pedophile are not comparable. Sex between same-sex consenting adults is one thing. Pedophilia is another altogether and is also illegal. Also most pedophiles only have interest in the minor until they sexually mature so there would be no committed relationship either. Gay people are absolutely capable of deep and permanent commitment. I hate it when people compare the two.

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