Ken Ham: Education Opponent.


It appears Ken Ham officially won the debate. With a mere $50,000 investment (what he paid Bill Nye) Ham has been able to feed off of the debate’s popularity to fund his seventy three MILLION DOLLAR Noah’s Ark replica project.


Now I don’t feel bad for getting banned on Ham’s Facebook page for saying things like “there’s science then there’s Ken Ham science” and “real science doesn’t need public investors.”


The God all mighty Jehovah Savior Christ Lord Ghost of Holy sky and soul creature must be misty-eyed excited for Ham. There is no better way to send praise to your controlling parent-father-creator-thing by spending a shit ton of money on ridiculous stupidity.

I imagine Ken Ham praying thanks to his fetish… I mean god.

Dear heavenly invisible mind man, Screw all the starving children in Kentucky. Screw the homeless.  Screw the cold, the sick, the injured, the impoverished,  the addicted, and the helpless. Screw them and let’s build a fake boat that people can look at. Amen.


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