4 Reasons Demon Possession is Good For Your Health.


Teach the controversy. Tell your family. Live it. It should no longer be something to fear. The scientific evidence is abundant.  Demonic possession is and will be the leader in therapeutical and medical treatment. 

1. As the demon runs rampant through your blood stream it clears blood clots and clogged arteries.

2. While your brain is in distress it actually increases your brain activity and IQ is increased post possession.

3. The typical possession burns 1500-2000 calories. There isn’t a better workout available.  Plus you don’t remember a thing. You just wake up refreshed!

4. Possession cures cancer and other ailments. Yes, it’s true, demons are not restricted to the disease of man. Continual possession builds your immunity to these diseases.

Remember these key arguments the next time your family has an intervention for because your head did a 360 and you vomited all over your sheets.


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