Watching Cosmos with 4 Kids


I unfortunately had to wait until the following day to watch Cosmos. With the time change, putting 4 kids to bed and catching up on school (I take online classes) there was no way I could watch the premiere live. You can imagine my excitement when I woke up before my kids. Tip toeing to the living and turning the TV on making sure the volume was just loud enough. I felt like a kid again on a Saturday morning trying not to wake up my parents.

And then the baby woke up. No big deal. I changed her and made a bottle. 3 minutes gone. Sat back down and pressed play.

Then LC zombie walked out to the living room. Her hair a mess and whining that she had to go “peeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Pause. I helped her onto the potty. Brushed her teeth. Got her oatmeal and sat her at the table. 10 minutes gone.

The baby was fussing again. This could only mean that she wanted finish her bottle.  Fine.  I sat down and pressed play.

This moment of peace lasted maybe 5 minutes before my oldest was up and hopping out to the living room.  He is a bundle of joy.  No “wake up” period for him.  The second his eyes open he is full throttle.  I paused the tv. I knew he would enjoy Cosmos but I wanted to say good morning and start getting him ready for school.  Shit! School.  I completely forgot.  I made him his oatmeal then packed his lunch.  Got him dressed and luckily for me his Mimi stopped by and she volunteered to take him to school.  Whew.  30 minutes later I was ready to resume Cosmos.

The baby was sleeping and I was enjoying life. I watched a good 20 minutes before Charlie aka the Chuckernaut began yelling “Dadddddeee” from her crib.  Pause. No biggy. She’s the easy one… The second I opened the door to her room I knew I was in trouble.  “You poooooped” I exclaimed in sarcastic excitement.  Yep she had indeed pooped, up her back. After a quick bath and breakfast I was back in business. 

Five minutes later the baby was starting  to fuss. I decided to hold her and try to power through these last minutes of Cosmos.  That’s when she pooped. Pause. I trekked to the changing table and realized she had copied her sister and pooped up her back too. Awesome.  I keep saying in my head “I love my kids” over and over.

I bathed her,  got her dressed and laid her down.  15 minutes had passed. I made a quick cup of coffee on my Kuerig and sat down to finish the show.
I did finish the show and it was amazing.  Well worth “ignoring” my kids. Maybe it was all I had been through this morning or maybe the end of the show was just that touching but I seriously teared up when Neil spoke about Carl Sagan. The visuals were fantastic and they couldn’t of picked a better host. If you haven’t watched it I recommend you do at all cost.


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