I think religious stuff is funny. I’m sorry if you’re not someone that does and you stumble upon my blog. There is a good probability that you’ll be offended. With that being said I’d like to introduce my wordpress audience to…



I picture him being a squirrely character with a loose lisp and an admiration for the female sex. 


He inevitably creeps them out. I mean come on just one glance at his black teeth and curled horns would have even the most desperate woman evacuating the scene.


But he never gives up. He stumbles into bars and sits down just in time to be kicked out for staring about with his googlely eyes. Every woman he passes he throws out terrible terrible terrible one liners.


Every night he returns home empty handed. He’s driven by his genetics to reproduce and not smart enough to understand that he never will.


The world doesn’t care about Satanjesus. They focus too much on his twin.


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