Boys and Girls are just the same

My wife’s awesome blog.

Running on E

My son is a very sweet, sensitive, generous kid. He likes pink and glitter. Unicorns and kittens. Pixie dust and butterfly wings. He loves the show My Little Pony. He also loves superheros and Minecraft. And insane YouTube videos. He loves swords and light sabers. And definitely Lego’s.

So I get really, really mad when people have the nerve to ask me, “are you worried he’ll be gay when he grows up?”

First and foremost. I would never be “worried” that he’s gay. If he is, that’s who he is. And that wouldn’t change any way I feel about him. And if it does for you, well, that makes you an asshole.

Aido is surrounded by strong willed, strong minded women. Why wouldn’t he appreciate the things that we favor? He’s surrounded by ponies and butterflies and all things pink. And pink is a beautiful color. And he recognizes that…

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