My Atheist April Fools Facebook Post

What’s an atheist to do on April 1st? Make a “I’ve been saved” joke obviously! And as expected mine did not go over well with friends and family. 


I merely posted that I had been saved. Nothing too elaborate.  I spent a total of one minute preparing the Facebook post before hopping into my morning shower. By the time I got out a few comments had came through.


There were several more comments but I decided to beat them at their own game. I pulled out the good ol’ Christian rebuke card! I quoted Jesus.


Game over. There was no other commenters after that.  Fun fun.

Next year I may plan something more theatrical. Maybe I’ll talk in tongues or find Jesus on my toast. Comment with ideas.


1 thought on “My Atheist April Fools Facebook Post

  1. Wow.. This is something great 😀
    I merely posted a cover photo with words
    And in the caption I wrote, “But why???”
    Not much, right?

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