Can I get an amen!?!

This is a list of assumptions about atheism. Please add yours in the comment sections for consideration in a future edit.

•atheism is not a religion
•evolution does not require faith
•atheists are not mad at God
•morals did not originate with the Bible
•atheists do not worship Darwin or Satan
•life is not empty without God
•saying “bless you” when an atheist sneezes is not offensive
•group prayer at work or before a game and dinner is offensive
•atheists do not eat babies
•most atheists have read the Bible
•marriage predates Christianity


6 thoughts on “Can I get an amen!?!

  1. I do not look at nature and assume it has to have been created. The existence of nature does not prove a god exists. I am not simply blind to the truth of such thinking, such thinking is just wrong.

  2. Me: “I’m an atheist.”
    *shocked faces*
    Them:”YOU’RE AN ATHEIST?! You don’t act like one!”
    Me: ……..
    Now I just respond: “You’re a Christian? You’re not acting like one.”

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