Adam and Eve SNL Style


SNL hit the nail on the head with their rendition of Adam and Eve. The means for humor have always been there. Talking animals, nudity and a god who always needs praise.


I hope to see more of these in the future. I’m not sure which in more funny, the skit or the fact that people still actually believe these myths.

If you haven’t watched it yet please do yourself the favor and click the link.


Does Life on Mars Kill Religion?


There is nothing that makes me more excited than reading and learning about Mars. I know it’s only a matter of time before they find evidence for life on Mars. All of the ingredients are there, infused into the landscape like a burrito bowl from Chipotle.  One may think that this would be it, the moment religion would die. I mean it would have to, right? Where’s the biblical explanation for life on another planet!?!

Never fear my heathen friends! Christian apologists have already came up with an answer. Drumroll please…

Eden had to of been on Mars. Yes, you read that right. They are saying that the Garden of Freakin Eden was on Mars!


I don’t have to spell out how ignorant that idea is. What other questions the notion raises. However the internet is breaming with these “brilliant” folks. This is just another example of Christians squeezing the puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong.

Ken Ham: Education Opponent.


It appears Ken Ham officially won the debate. With a mere $50,000 investment (what he paid Bill Nye) Ham has been able to feed off of the debate’s popularity to fund his seventy three MILLION DOLLAR Noah’s Ark replica project.


Now I don’t feel bad for getting banned on Ham’s Facebook page for saying things like “there’s science then there’s Ken Ham science” and “real science doesn’t need public investors.”


The God all mighty Jehovah Savior Christ Lord Ghost of Holy sky and soul creature must be misty-eyed excited for Ham. There is no better way to send praise to your controlling parent-father-creator-thing by spending a shit ton of money on ridiculous stupidity.

I imagine Ken Ham praying thanks to his fetish… I mean god.

Dear heavenly invisible mind man, Screw all the starving children in Kentucky. Screw the homeless.  Screw the cold, the sick, the injured, the impoverished,  the addicted, and the helpless. Screw them and let’s build a fake boat that people can look at. Amen.

Do you feel left out?

Twenty percent! That’s the percent of non religious in the United States. One out of five Americans is labeled “atheist”. This is staggering statistics for a minority. Yet we are just that and what do we want?

Equal rights.

Did you feel left out during the inauguration? If you’re an atheist or Muslim or Hindu you most likely did. The Christian influence was drenching the ceremony in a country that declares separation from church and state. There was 2 Bibles and prayer and not a single thing for us “others”.

It is evident that our country is deeply enslaved by Christianity. It is not fair to the American citizens and we will voice our opinions and we will be heard.

We want no bibles or Christian mumbo jumbo in our schools.

We don’t want to see any religious symbols on any government property.

We don’t want our government taking advice from religious leaders.

We want religious establishments to pay the same taxes as everyone else.

This concludes my rant.