The Rapture is Confusing


So, I’ve been doing a lot of research on this strange phenomenon dubbed “The Rapture.” I’ve talked to a lot of my Christian friends and everyone has a different story or version of the events that transpire. To make matters more confusing, the rapture is never mentioned in the bible. So everyone and I mean everyone has a different timeline, interpretation, and philosophy of those occurrences.  What I find discouraging is the amount of belief these people have that the Rapture will occur versus the evidence that is available to support its occurrence. When I ask them why they believe how they do I don’t get solid answers. “You have to have faith” is their favorite reply.

The general consensus is that they will be teleported away, quicker than a flash of lightning, Star Trek teleporter style into heaven. Almost all Christians that I spoke with believe we are living in the “end of days” due to world events. After the rapture then the shit realllllllllly hits the fan. And this is where most people have no idea what’s going to happen. Nobody knew exactly how long this era is going to last, what happens when it’s over. They just knew they wouldn’t have to endure the process.

For the record this is an educational workshop piece, your input, suggestions, corrections and opinions will be praised and are very welcome. Here is what I know.

During the 1800s a man named John Darby invented Dispensationalism which basically divided the bible into sections. By doing this he developed the idea of The Rapture.

The tribulation will occur for 7 years. This is God’s wrath being brought upon the non believers. Half way through this period the Great Tribulation begins. This is an even more harsh period.

There are 3 version of the rapture. The pre, mid and post tribulation rapture. (Self explanatory I hope).

After the tribulation Jesus will come to reign for 1000 years. There is much debate as to how long 1000 God years are.

That’s basically it. This is what I’ve learned reading and watching documentaries on the subject. No references anywhere. Please comment if you know more. Thanks you.


WHY Does God Hate Me!?!


Above is evidence that God hates me. As you can see there was not a single matching pair. Oh the malevolence!  Oh the disdain!

So alas, my 6 year old was forced to wear regular white socks to school today. Ultimately affecting his social perception and furthering him towards the title of… nerd. Damn you original sin!

*To any religious folks that may stumble upon this post (and will because I tagged your section of the internet). This is satire. I do not believe in God therefore I know it cannot hate me. I can only hope that you find some humor in this post even if it’s the chuckle to yourself over my blatant ignorance of God and my imminent residency in Hell. Have a great day and Thor bless!

Non Believing and the Workplace


“How do you know that is wrong?” A coworker asks. The conversation pertaining pedophilia. “Excuse me.” I retort stunned that he would assume I would not know that pedophilia is wrong since I am atheist. I am constantly defending my morals and humanity to the religious at work. This kind of blind stupidity is what I try to raise awareness about constantly. I can surely guess that I am not alone. I know that there are more godless out there experiencing this same kind of badger. I’m also sure that their patience runs thin as does mine. How many times can I politely reason with people without yelling? How many times can I be spoken down to without a short response? I always advocate logic and reason. Stay calm and use reason is my motto. Especially since being a belligerent dick won’t do anything to help my cause. One can only drink so much. Any tips or pointers from my fellow atheists would be appreciated. Christians can give advice too just don’t offer to pray for me.

Fishing for Fights: Atheism

I’ve been asked “why are you so vocal?” or “why do you fight for atheism if you believe in nothing?”. I find these questions just as insulting as any other atheist. In this post I hope to discover what it is we fight for. Please add anything in the comment section as we all have our reasons.

First and foremost is how I am treated. This might be small compared to the big picture but its the most degrading. Friends, family members or anyone for that matter that know my beliefs that is not an atheist. The jabs or indirect comments are the ones I hate. The direct insults are easy to rebuttal. Whether its my family trying to indoctrinate my kids or friends saying they’ll pray for me it is all a bit humiliating. Why? Well first they feel like I have no morals or feeling since I’m godless. Wrong. Second they do not care. Third they think they are serving God by foolishly harping on me.

My next point is my children. As I stated in an earlier post they are my dearest possession. I want the most for them. This topic will lead to many off branches but I will keep them tucked in close for now. I try to stay away from negative terminology but here’s a list of don’ts.
Don’t indoctrinate my children while watching them.
Don’t tell them evolution is not real.
Don’t tell them about hell.
Don’t buy them religious propaganda.
Don’t do anything to hinder their growth.
Don’t make them feel wrong for being without a god.
Thank you.

Third is my money. My taxes, your taxes all go for government funded programs. Did you know churches don’t pay taxes? Who’s floating that bill? You and I my friend. Not only are they tax exempt but they don’t pay any tax exemption fees and they don’t have to report earnings to the IRS. The American Atheist recently sued the IRS for discrimination in this matter. Pending verdict.

Fourth. Worldly development. Seriously are we still disputing gay marriage and there is a rover on mars. Shouldn’t we be above this? Come on! Science and education have all been considerably handicapped due to religion.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Before arguing with an atheist remember we’ve been enslaved to religion our whole lives. Like it or not, so have you.

Thank you for reading.



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Religion: The Feces of Nature.

I make an effort to avoid direct religion bashing posts because that’s what my my instagram account is for. This blog is intended to view atheism from a different perspective. An emotional window into our “sinful” lives. That is until today when I thought of an original analogy. Religion is nature’s feces. It totally is. Excrement is the disgusting leftovers after our body has sucked out most of the nutrients from the food we digest. Religion is what is left after you remove all the meaningful things from life. Take away our families, hobbies, pleasures, friends, science, thoughts, freedom, individualism and so on. You’re left with a big ol’pile of lies, hate, slavery, scandal, murder and much much more. Let’s flush it down shall we!


Hypocritical and Critical: The Religious Debate.

Its the fine line we walk after running away naked, feeling filthy and full of anger. Anger towards those that have lied to us, scared us and made us feel insignificant. Anger towards the years of believing a myth, engaging in pathetic rituals and wasting most of our life in pursuit of a giant illusion. This hate is deep and it causes me to lose what I honor most. Logic, reason and rationale.
When discussing religion I find atheists becoming what they despise most. Including myself. We become an unapproachable force or sarcasm, ridicule and in some case fiery hate. We won’t budge on our views and we will not listen to the opposition. We forget that we were there once. Once it was you lost in a brainwash of fearful mind slavery.
I am writing this to remind us all that these people are still our friends, neighbors and in most cases our family. We have so many resources on our side. You can’t lose a debate if you follow 3 simple rules.
•Always state your opinion
•If you don’t know the answer don’t pretend to
•Be a gentleman/gentlewoman
Remember you have science, common sense, logic, reason, education and so much more in your corner!