Can I get an amen!?!

This is a list of assumptions about atheism. Please add yours in the comment sections for consideration in a future edit.

•atheism is not a religion
•evolution does not require faith
•atheists are not mad at God
•morals did not originate with the Bible
•atheists do not worship Darwin or Satan
•life is not empty without God
•saying “bless you” when an atheist sneezes is not offensive
•group prayer at work or before a game and dinner is offensive
•atheists do not eat babies
•most atheists have read the Bible
•marriage predates Christianity


WHY Does God Hate Me!?!


Above is evidence that God hates me. As you can see there was not a single matching pair. Oh the malevolence!  Oh the disdain!

So alas, my 6 year old was forced to wear regular white socks to school today. Ultimately affecting his social perception and furthering him towards the title of… nerd. Damn you original sin!

*To any religious folks that may stumble upon this post (and will because I tagged your section of the internet). This is satire. I do not believe in God therefore I know it cannot hate me. I can only hope that you find some humor in this post even if it’s the chuckle to yourself over my blatant ignorance of God and my imminent residency in Hell. Have a great day and Thor bless!

Hypocritical and Critical: The Religious Debate.

Its the fine line we walk after running away naked, feeling filthy and full of anger. Anger towards those that have lied to us, scared us and made us feel insignificant. Anger towards the years of believing a myth, engaging in pathetic rituals and wasting most of our life in pursuit of a giant illusion. This hate is deep and it causes me to lose what I honor most. Logic, reason and rationale.
When discussing religion I find atheists becoming what they despise most. Including myself. We become an unapproachable force or sarcasm, ridicule and in some case fiery hate. We won’t budge on our views and we will not listen to the opposition. We forget that we were there once. Once it was you lost in a brainwash of fearful mind slavery.
I am writing this to remind us all that these people are still our friends, neighbors and in most cases our family. We have so many resources on our side. You can’t lose a debate if you follow 3 simple rules.
•Always state your opinion
•If you don’t know the answer don’t pretend to
•Be a gentleman/gentlewoman
Remember you have science, common sense, logic, reason, education and so much more in your corner!