Do you feel left out?

Twenty percent! That’s the percent of non religious in the United States. One out of five Americans is labeled “atheist”. This is staggering statistics for a minority. Yet we are just that and what do we want?

Equal rights.

Did you feel left out during the inauguration? If you’re an atheist or Muslim or Hindu you most likely did. The Christian influence was drenching the ceremony in a country that declares separation from church and state. There was 2 Bibles and prayer and not a single thing for us “others”.

It is evident that our country is deeply enslaved by Christianity. It is not fair to the American citizens and we will voice our opinions and we will be heard.

We want no bibles or Christian mumbo jumbo in our schools.

We don’t want to see any religious symbols on any government property.

We don’t want our government taking advice from religious leaders.

We want religious establishments to pay the same taxes as everyone else.

This concludes my rant.